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Walking among trulli

Guided tour of Alberobello and its UNESCO Heritage Site 


Alberobello guided tour will start with the Aia Piccola district, part of the UNESCO heritage, and the heart of the city of the trulli.

You will discover when and why the trulli were firstly built as houses with corbel-vaulted stone roofs; nowadays they are still the unique symbol of the Itria Valley.

In the Aia Piccola, among narrow streets, squares, trulli of various sizes, there are no shops or restaurants, so you feel like you are walking through the streets of a village in the past.

The tour will continue in the Rione Monti district, which is lively and colourful for the presence of many shops and gives you the chance to see a church in the shape of a trullo, the museum of peasant tradition and Siamese trulli.

After the tour you can enjoy some shopping and a visit to the museum or to the Trullo Sovrano, the largest of the trulli, the only one with two floors and still furnished as it once was.


  • € 98 p.p. for 2 people
  • € 49 p.p. for 4 people
  • € 32 p.p. for 6 people
  • € 25 p.p. for 8 people
  • € 20 p.p. for 10 people

Rates do not include the transfer, which can be arranged on request. Also available in foreign languages.


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